A Few Words About Potrero Kids

Potrero Kids is a year round, Spanish-focused, dual-campus preschool in Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch. Our passionate team at PK nurture children’s curiosity with a project-based curriculum where children lead the way. We promote a strong sense of community through field trips, spirit days, and more, coupled with a highly engaged parent community that organizes special events and fun get-togethers. Our full-day care, with family-style meals included, supports the needs of working families and gives children a loving place to grow and flourish.

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Our Curriculum

PK believes that each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, expressive and physical development should be enhanced and fostered each day.

Our program is play- and project-based and child-centered. Our curriculum emerges from the interests and natural curiosity of our children.
Our goal at PK is to provide children with materials, activities and an inviting environment that will foster their growth in all areas of development and ensure their readiness for the next stage of life.
Research shows that children learn best through play and access to a dynamic, enriching environment.


Children must be at least twenty-four months old (2 years) by September 1 of the upcoming school year and not yet enrolled in kindergarten. Priority for admission will be given to children whose siblings attend PK or Daniel Webster Elementary School, and to children of families who reside and/or work in the Eastern Neighborhoods of San Francisco. Families can join us for tours in the fall and early winter and submit their application by January 8. Based on availability, some families will be invited to join for playdates in January and February, and offer letters will be sent via email in early March.

Covid - 19 Update
  • School hours have been shortened from our normal 8am-5:50pm. Some classrooms are now operating from 8:30am-5:30pm, and others are slowly expanding to 8:15am-5:45pm. This is based on age groups and number of teachers per classroom.
  • For now we are only enrolling full-time spots, but we hope to go back to offering part-time slots again for next fall
  • Our family-style lunch program has been temporarily suspended, and we are now offering families the ability to order an individually-packaged lunch for their child every day at an additional cost of $120 per month to full-fee families (less for TAP families). All dietary restrictions can still be accommodated!
  • Social distancing at drop-off and pick-up means that you won't enter your child's classroom, rather, you'll remain just outside the door and make it as quick as possible to reduce close contact with teachers and other families.
  • Teachers wear masks full-time around the children and each other, and no longer congregate with teachers from other groups in common areas, which means that each classroom is an isolated group. Children are not required to wear masks, except on neighborhood walks and park outings.
  • We’re putting a lot of energy into supporting good health through practices like extra cleaning, extra handwashing, and attention to everyone’s symptoms, which means that for now we’re suspending our normal focus on intense project curriculum work so that we’re not trying to juggle too much at once. In the meantime, children are still getting the engaging, age-appropriate, fun curriculum and activities they’re used to.
  • Children and teachers are all checked for suspicious symptoms at the start of the school day (shortness of breath, fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, headache, etc) and sent home if they have any symptoms. If a teacher has any fear of exposure to covid or suspicious symptoms, we work with them to keep them at home until they’ve either been tested (we can’t require, but we can recommend) or waited out the risk. We communicate with everyone really clearly throughout the whole process so that families always have the option to keep their child home if they’re at all concerned, but we avoid shutting down classrooms whenever possible.
  • Since reopening in June we’ve had no cases of covid spread in our school and have never had to close down a classroom or school site! Our community working together to maintain social distancing, keep ourselves healthy and be on the lookout for symptoms has meant that we’ve been 100% coronavirus free.