Potrero Kids’ 2019-20 Admissions Timeline

All year long
Submit an application. Our application fee is $60. You will receive a confirmation email and be entered on our email list in order to receive updates about our tours and interviews. Children are eligible to apply starting at 6 months of age and their application remains active until they are Kindergarten age or until you ask to be removed from our waitpool. All applicants are considered for both our PKDW and PK3 sites. Potrero Kids determines site placement. If you are applying for tuition assistance, contact admissions@potrerokids.org or call 415-625-9583.

October through December
Sign up for a tour under the tour section starting mid September. Tours are held at our PK3 campus, located at 810 Illinois Street (between 19th and 20th Street). Please note that tour spots fill up quickly, are optional, and do not affect admission. We do ask that children do not attend the tour as it allows prospective families to devote their full focus to the information given.

December 31
Application deadline for admissions for the upcoming Fall. If your application is received after this date, you will be placed in our waitpool. If there are spots available, we will contact families on an individual, as needed basis.

Completed tuition assistance applications are typically due by late January.

Early January
An interest survey will be sent out to applicants who applied by December 31. Families must respond to this survey to be considered for the upcoming school year.

Please Note: the number of families we can interview depends upon the number of available spots and the number of applications we receive. Therefore, we cannot guarantee interviews for all applicants.

Mid January
Applicants who are selected to be part of the interview process will receive an invitation email.You must respond to this email to confirm your participation in an interview.

For a child to be eligible for an interview, the child must be 2, 3 or 4 years old by September 1st of the upcoming school year. Please look for and respond to the email regarding a scheduled interview.

Student interviews continue.

Early March
Families are notified of acceptance into the program or placement in our waitpool. We will continue to contact families in our waitpool on an individual, as needed basis until all of our spots are filled. Potrero Kids determines placement of all students at our PKDW or PK3 site based upon many factors such as age, gender balance, classroom environments, personality fit and student schedules.

Fall Start
Our school start coincides with that of the San Francisco Unified School District's, which is usually mid-August.