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Children must be at least twenty-four months old (2 years) by September 1 of the upcoming school year and not yet enrolled in kindergarten. Priority for admission will be given to children whose siblings attend PK or Daniel Webster Elementary School, and to children of families who reside and/or work in the Eastern Neighborhoods of San Francisco. Please note, even children who are in the highest category of priority are not guaranteed a spot, as admission into Potrero Kids is based upon the number of spots available. For example, if we have 15 spaces available and there are more than 15 PK or DW siblings who have applied for admission on time and are interested in the Fall, we will then fill spots based upon receipt date of the application. Families receiving tuition subsidies must meet the eligibility criteria of the funding source for subsidy. Families shall be enrolled regardless of race, creed, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or immigration status.

Admission Procedures

Preliminary application:

Families can apply once their child is at least 6 months of age.

A non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee of $60 is due with the completed application. Completed applications will be received through our web portal. Our PKDW campus serves primarily 4 year olds and a few older 3 year olds. Our PK3 campus serves 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Families will be notified by email of receipt of their application. Applications are considered active in our waitpool until the child reaches Kindergarten age or the family asks to be removed from our waitpool.

Families who wish to apply for tuition assistance should contact our admissions coordinator at or 415-625-9583. There is no application fee due for qualified low-income applicants. Low-income status will be ascertained through a screening procedure and families will be entered into Children's Council's database, SF3C.

Tours are held at PK3 in the fall and winter. Please see our Tours page for the current tour schedule and a link to the tour sign-up form.

Tours are encouraged but not required for admission.

Phase 1: Group Interview

In January, we will send an interest email to all families who have applied by December 31. Families must respond to the interest email to be considered for the upcoming school year. Due to demand, we cannot interview all families who respond to the interest email. We will then invite families to participate in group interviews (children play with PK teachers and fellow applicants, while parents speak with directors). These are scheduled for late January/early February. Typically interviewed families will have a priority factor such as having a guardian who lives and/or works within the Eastern neighborhoods. However, invitations to our group interviews are limited by the total number of spaces we are looking to fill in the coming school year. This means that we are not always able to interview all families who have a high priority factor.

Group interviews have about ten families participating at a time. We strive to maintain age and gender balances so we look for a mix of boys and girls across a range of ages to fill the available part-time (3-day) and full-time slots.

Phase 2: Offer letters

Offer letters are sent via email in early March. Spots are accepted by placing a deposit (see below) and returning the initial paperwork within a week. Families who are accepted into the program who have not taken a tour have the option to tour before making their enrollment decision. Remaining spots, due to declined offers, will be filled by families that are active in our waitpool. Potrero Kids determines placement at our PKDW or PK3 site based upon many factors such as age, gender balance and diversity. Accepted families are notified which site their child will be placed at in late summer.

Acceptance and deposit

Once notified of acceptance, families must provide a non-refundable $150 registration fee plus one month tuition, as well as a signed Admissions and Fees and Fines Agreements and all necessary enrollment paperwork within a week to secure the child’s spot. If the child is not enrolled, the deposit is not refundable.


Please submit a completed application through our web portal. If you submit a completed application via email,please separately mail a $60 check made payable to Potrero Kids to the address below. If submitting by US Mail or in person, please attach a check to your paper application.

Potrero Kids
810 Illinois Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

If your family is low income and you are applying for tuition assistance, please email us at or call 415-625-9583 for more information.

Application fees are non-refundable.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a fall/wintertour as most pre-application questions will be answered on the tour. You can sign up online in mid September. If questions remain after taking a tour, please email or leave a voicemail at 415- 625-9583.