PK believes that each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, expressive and physical development should be enhanced and fostered each day. 

Our program is play- and project-based and child-centered. Our curriculum emerges from the interests and natural curiosity of our children. Research shows that children learn best through play and access to a dynamic, enriching environment. Our goal at PK is to provide children with materials, activities and an inviting environment that will foster their growth in all areas of development and ensure their readiness for the next stage of life.

Spanish Language Component

PK is a dual language preschool, meaning that children are exposed to both English and Spanish. We value the importance of supporting each child's language development so that they form strong comprehension and speaking abilities in both English and Spanish.

Dual language differs from immersion in that dual language emphasizes exposure and development of two languages - in our case, English and Spanish. 

Social Development

Children enter our program at various developmental stages. Some children have had previous exposure to a school environment while others are beginning to learn how to be in a setting with other students. Our teachers guide and model appropriate behavior to promote harmonious interactions. For example, when two students have a conflict, the teachers make sure to bend down to the children's level and involve each student in agreeing upon a solution. Necessary vocabulary and follow-up is provided by the teachers. Our staff works closely together to create a solid social/emotional base for each child to allow him/her to become successful in their future endeavors.

Emotional Development

Emotions are complicated. Our goal is to listen closely to children and to respond to and understand the emotions they are expressing so that we can provide them with the words and tools to process these emotions. Supporting each child’s emotional development and enhancing his or her ability to productively address emotions is one of PK’s primary goals.

Expressive Development

Expressive development occurs when children are provided ample opportunities to use language and other forms of expression like dance, dramatic play, music and art to share their thoughts and feelings. We encourage children to use language and all forms of expression in a variety of individual and group activities throughout the day. For example, on children's artwork, the teachers help document their words to encourage verbal expression and early literacy exposure. We foster expression in every interaction by using and encouraging careful word choice and reflective listening skills.

Cognitive Development

Children are natural learners who access whatever resources they are given to help them understand the world that surrounds them. Allowing children to learn through play, exploration, and problem solving harnesses their natural instincts and captures the power of their innate curiosity. By carefully constructing a rich, dynamic environment with ample opportunities for discovery and exploration, we are providing children with the building blocks to construct their own knowledge. The role of our teachers is to enhance these experiences by providing thoughtful guidance and support.

At PK, we feel that it is important to allow children to explore their world independently as well as to learn with/from their peers. Our rich learning environments and child-focused curriculum, allows students to not only observe and understand their surroundings, but also to find companions that complement or drive them to look at their environment in new ways. The staff puts much thought into which materials they provide for our students to ensure that each child's individual needs/interests are met.

Physical Development

Children need many opportunities each day to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Our program provides these opportunities through a balance of indoor and outdoor play, self-directed play, teacher-directed activities and ample physical experiences on and off campus.